Delhi Transposed

The longer I live away from Delhi, the more I seek glimpses of it in other places I visit. In these photographs, I construct an alternate reality where fragments of Delhi are scattered across the world. These images are also an expression of loss, both of the city as my home and of its original promise of liberalism and tolerance.

Mayur Vihar electric lines (2017) behind the village of Bascu√Īana, Spain (2010)

Chandni Chowk traffic jam (2011) on a side street of Honfleur, Normandy (2022)

Connaught Place pigeons (2014) outside Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City (2018)

Lodi Gardens (2019) along a New Mexico highway (2010)

Daryaganj buildings (2014) behind a Bogota construction site (2016)

Jama Masjid (2014) as seen from Monteliusvägen, Stockholm (2019)

A Connaught Place cotton candy seller (2014) in Plaza La Mariposa, Bogota (2016)

An Old Delhi hotel (2014) on Ludlow St, Manhattan (2011)

Jama Masjid electrical repairs (2017) in Oppede, Provence (2015)

Humayun's Tomb visitors (2019) study the Le Havre concert hall (2022)

Daryaganj underwear market (2014) opposite a Paris kiosk (2019)

Old Delhi storefronts (2017) obscured by a sculpture in Vigeland Park, Oslo (2013)